George E. Salazar


Urban English educator. Assonant and alliterative aficionado. I am a secondary education teacher and school leader candidate with a bent for policy and research.

Having been born and raised abroad, I am acutely aware of the various approaches to education, from individual teaching styles to cultural perspectives to national agendas regarding the role and function of teachers.

Professionally, my interests and areas of expertise include curriculum design, researched-based pedagogy, canon formation, socio-linguistics, and instructional technology.

Professional Experience

Carteret Public Schools

Carteret High School, Teacher of English, April 2013 - Present

  • High School Curriculum Lead

      • Co-designed Grade 12 English Curriculum for College Prep and Honors Level courses, Nov 2014-Feb 2015

      • Revised Grade 11 English Curriculum for College Prep courses, May-Jun 2015

      • Revised Grade 9 and 10 English Curriculum for College Prep Courses, Aug 2016

      • Revised Grade 11 and 12 English Curriculum for College Prep courses, Jul-Aug 2017

      • Re-designed Grade 9 and 10 English Curriculum for College Prep and Honors Courses, May-Jun 2021

      • Analyzed trends in curricular texts to propose a diversified set of readings

  • NJDOE State Curriculum Committee team member

      • Designed state-approved model instructional units, Jan-Apr 2019

  • English Department Lead for Connected Action Roadmap (CAR) Pilot Program

      • Facilitated department-level meetings to establish a Professional Learning Network

      • Guided colleagues in unpacking standards to design effective lessons

      • Disaggregated student data from school interim assessments and NJSLA results to implement writing SGOs.

  • High School District Leadership Team (DLT) member 2018-2019

    • Trained colleagues on evaluation systems under the Danielson Framework

    • Assisted colleagues in designing Student-Growth-Objectives

    • Implemented the school-level Professional Development Plan

  • Middle States Accreditation School Team, 2017-2018

      • Aggregated school records and protocols

      • Designed and implemented school improvement survey for stakeholders (students, parents, staff)

      • MSA Visiting Team member for JFK Memorial High School, Mar 2018

Pride Academy

English Language Arts, September 2011 - April 2013

  • Co-designed the Grade 8 ELA Curriculum using Understanding By Design principles

  • Co-led Summer Curriculum team by unpacking standards, creating student-friendly learning objectives, and mapping vertical alignment of standards for Grades 5-8

  • Utilized data from school approved interim assessments to reinforce skills in vocabulary and argumentative writing

Professional Development


Presented a district-wide professional development on gamified teaching

Guided audience members on instructional shifts toward game-like designs that highlight challenging but achievable objectives, appropriate training scaffolds, and meaningful recognition of student growth

Twerk a Book: Literacy for Social Media Minds

Presented at the Fall 2019 NJCTE Conference.

Guided audience members through teaching strategies that incorporate digital literacies, using memes, Snapchat-format annotations, and poetry for Instagram and YouTube audiences

Let's get lit(erary): Curriculum Design Shifts

Presented at a district-level meeting of ELA instructional staff (K-12)

Turnkeyed research in curriculum design shifts and standard shifts in NJSLS

Aggregated and presented data on the diversity of district approved-texts compared to the diversity of district student population